Commercial Litigation

Protecting your patent, trademark, and copyright against infringement is vital and something you must consider when selecting an Intellectual Property law firm.  Our team of experienced legal professionals have decades of combined legal experience and are ready to assist you in all litigation matters. From litigating  patent and trademark infringement cases to suing billion dollar insurance conglomerates, our lawyers have years of experience in the courtroom and have successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

At Johnson Dalal, we will carefully examine your case and formulate a plan of action with your best interests at heart. Our litigation attorneys are licensed in multiple states and Federal districts, providing you with litigation in various forums.  Our attorneys have litigated in county court, circuit court, the district court of appeals, and in various federal courts.

Many law firms only assist clients in the transactional portion of their case (i.e. patent drafting, contract drafting) and are not experienced enough to handle litigating a matter in court. Our firm has litigated thousands of cases and has the resources, experience, and knowledge to successfully represent you.  Speak to an experienced litigation law firm today, contact Johnson Dalal to represent you in your intellectual property infringement or other commercial litigation matter.

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We, at Johnson Dalal, The Intellectual Property Law Firm, look forward to assisting you with your litigation matter.  Please feel free to contact us by telephone at (888) 201-8001 or (954) 507-4500, or by email at  We look forward to being YOUR attorney.

Whether you need a Broward patent litigation attorney, , West Palm Beach patent attorney, Tampa patent attorney, Orlando patent attorney, Naples patent attorney, Fort Lauderdale patent attorney, Dade patent litigation attorney, Miami patent litigation attorney, Plantation patent attorney, Boca Raton patent litigation attorney, Jacksonville patent litigation attorney, the team of legal professionals at Johnson Dalal are standing by to assist you.